Best revenge is being side chick to your husband


Bernice Saroni aka Mamake Boyz is sharing a tip to women.

The Kenyan promoter in the US is said to be a cousin to Mugithi singer  Samidoh.

Bernice frequently has chats with her online fan base on matters relationships, which interestingly has hundreds of comments from fellow women confessing their deeds.

Her latest comment is to goat wives. Goat wives is a term used to refer to a man’s first wife. She is the woman of his youth.

Goat wife.. sign the divorce paper, peace is paramount, then come back. The best 👌 revenge is being a side chick to your ex-husband alafu game inakuwa draw.” she informed her audience. 

She is very close to Samidoh’s wife Edday who lives in the US as well.

He was recently there visiting his family, to witness his first daughter Shirleen graduate.

Their family moments warmed hearts of netizens who wondered whether Edday had reunited with Samidoh, even after repeatedly denying it.

Bernice’s comment drew reactions from fellow women, some of whom gave their experience.

Tash 👑…my best revenge was buying his favorite car after I heard it was auctioned 🤣🤣🤣🤣 and attended a ruracio I knew he was attending. I can’t forget the look.

emmah favoredLearn to move on From places that almost caused you your life, place that took God’s GRACE to see you through Wish people well n ask God to take you to higher heights than b4

Lucie Zk...😂😂😂and make sure ukiwa sidechick you are not obedient 💯. Let him listen to you or aende