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Raila in a Tight Spot As KANU And Jubilee Pull Out Of His Planned Public Rallies

Orange Democratic Movement party leader honorable Raila Odinga has been left stranded after the two top parties in his camp have pulled out of his planned public rallies.

The former ruling Jubilee and KANU parties have distanced themselves with Raila’s move as they don’t want to be associated with what he wants to do in the nation.

Raila had instructed his supporters that they will be converging at Kamukunji Grounds for discussions to forge a way forward on how they are going to deal with the situation of defending four IEBC commissioners that are about to be ejected from their offices.

Despite being part of Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance, Jubilee and KANU parties seems to have no interest in what Raila wants to accomplish.

This has also come just a few hours after President William Ruto asked Raila and his opposition team to give professor Kithure Kindiki a schedule on when and for how long they will be holding demonstrations so that he can allocate them police officers.

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Revealed; What Atwoli Said To Raila Odinga Before He Left To Meet President William Ruto

COTU boss Francis Atwoli over the weekend met president William Ruto at statehouse. He was in the accompaniment of other Luhya leader’s, both elected and non elected. In the run up to the 2022 August general elections, Atwoli was very vocal on Raila Odinga and constantly kept saying that no way Ruto would become a president. Atwoli is remembered for the “kateni miti’ slang that he used to taunt then DP William Ruto that he wouldn’t be president.

Anyway, Ruto became President and Atwoli was left with an egg in bis face. Speaking in a funeral in Khwisero over the weekend, Atwoli said that he briefed Raila Odinga before he left to meet Present Ruto. He dismissed claims that his move was out of self interest. Atwoli said that continuing support for Raila Odinga would jeopardise his job and harm the Kenyan worker’s. He said that he has now opted to work with the government so that workers in the country can fully benefit from the government.


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Reason Behind Gachagua’s Power Plan Revealed As Odinga Now States Areas of Issues With Ruto

Raila Odinga is yet to believe that he lost the recent election to President William Ruto who was his strongest competitor.Raila who believes that he won the elections is still trying to give the Kenya Kwanza administration some sleepless nights.He has threatened to rally his supporters for a demonstration against the government.However, a stern warning has been issued against such with Ruto making fun that Raila should give the government their demonstration schedule in order for him to provide sufficient security for his.

However, Raila has now revealed areas where he has a beef with the government.As per today’s Daily Nation newspaper,he has mentioned the high cost of living, lack of ethnic balancing in appointments in state jobs and plans to import GMO foods.The four IEBC Commissioners too have been a bone of contention.

On the other hand,the newspaper has highlighted DP Gachagua’s quest for power plan in Mt Kenya.It further reveals that it is aimed at laying foundation for presidential bid.Top left part below and bottom part of the front page reveal all above.

A section of the Nation article has highlighted his intention to back Kanini Kega for EALA slot instead of a KKA candidate from the region.He is also keen to bring the other leaders together and is busy wooing those who were in Azimio.Can Gachagua succeed Ruto in future?

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Details Emerges On What Gachagua Is Doing In Mt Kenya Secretly As Ruto And Raila Lock Horns

The opposition leader, Rt. Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga, has declared that he will hold rallies that will eventually spark protests, and the president has spoken out about the same information.

Security for Raila’s protest has been ordered by Kenyan President His Excellency William Samoei Ruto and Cabinet Secretary for the Interior His Excellency Kithure Kindiki.

However, the current Deputy President is secretly developing his empire and preparing his warriors for his next presidential campaign as this conflict between the government and opposition plays out

According to our source Daily Nation, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is currently building the groundwork for the future president in the Mt. Kenya region. The daily’s report comes to light after several leaders said that Rigathi was their current kingpin and that they were supporting him in his efforts to bring the Mount Kenyan population together.

In addition, Jubille Mps from Azimio have begun supporting him despite protests from the leadership of Azimio.

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Senegal President Reacts After The African Champions Were Knocked Out of The World Cup

Photo courtesy: Senegal president Macky Sall.

The African champions, Senegal, were knocked out of the world cup in the round of 16 by the three lions of England. The match ended 3-0 in favor of England.

Senegal was the first nation from Africa to qualify for the knockout stage after beating Ecuador 2-0. Winning the match saw them finish second in the group with 6 points.

The president of Senegal Macky Sall sent the teranga lions an encouraging message after they were knocked out of the competition. The president said Senegal is among the top football teams in the world and that England was a tough opponent for Senegal.

“Dear lions, you have not failed. And you played without Sadio, Kouyate and Gana. You are among the top 16 teams in the world and England were a tough opponent. Good luck and good luck for the next deadlines!” he said.

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